What’s the catch with eVs and Charging ?


The hype is real and its a reality at the same time! Countries all around the world, are committing on cutting down CO2 Emissions and reaching neutrality by 2025 or 2030. To help them get there, eV manufacturers of Private or Commercial Vehicles, promise to deliver the volume needed to ban internal combustion engines within the next decade.

The thing that no one is talking about is the grid. Can the grid support charging all these vehicles? The answer is NO, most Grid Types out there have capacity limitations which means that you cannot have all appliances on and also charge your car from your house outlet. The same applies to commercial organisations that have updated grid capacity but yet again, charging many eVs at the same time CANNOT be combined with High Consuming Energy Equipment that they cannot stop using.

This is where RePower comes in! We are here to help you optimise your eV Fleet’s Charging capabilities and throughput!

Watch the video to find out more! 

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Want to learn more?

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Let’s talk about how we can help you get the most out of your eV Fleets, maximising efficiency, routing, charging times and upscaling your investment!


Meet and Greet!

During our first meeting we will discuss your true needs, explain the methodology we use to tackle the challenges you face and explain the benefits of the solution we offer!


Project Details Finalisation

Following the finalisation of the best matching solution for your needs, we present in detail the RePower Solution we’ve chosen for you by also analysing the ROI, Route Optimisation, Charging Optimisation, Capacity and all details that you really want to know.


Implementation & Installation

Once the Charging solution is configured and optimised for your needs, it is installed on your premises and Smoke Testing begins! You are now just a few moments away from Grid Independent eV Charging for your fleet without compromising your organisation’s power needs and smooth operation.

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Monitoring Performance

You are now live with your RePower solution, we are here with you to fully support you throughout the first months so we can discuss Route & Charging Cycle Optimisation and any other challenge that you might be facing. We build Charging Solutions but we also build human relationships. 

Drop us a message and we will get back to you! Let’s find your tailor made eV Fleet Charging Solution!

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